DStv Customers

What is The Family Plan by DStv?

DStv account holders with an active Compact, Compact Plus or Premium subscription can activate the JOOX VIP at no charge for up to 5 JOOX users.

What is JOOX VIP?

JOOX VIP is a paid for premium subscription service on the JOOX music streaming app, which gives users access to exclusive benefits like:

  • Listen to music with no ads.
  • Listen to, create and share playlists.
  • Listen to music offline to save mobile data.
  • Access quality music streaming. Enjoy high sound quality.
  • Experience play on demand to listen to any song, at any time and anywhere.

Compact, Compact Plus and Premium DStv customers can get JOOX VIP for free and can link up to 5 members of the family on their account as VIP.

Who qualifies?

DStv customers qualify for JOOX DStv VIP as long as they have an active DStv Compact, Compact Plus & Premium subscription.

How do I take up the offer?

Download the JOOX app, sign up as a user. Then tap on your profile picture > tap on JOOX VIP > scroll down to DStv Customers > Tap on this and follow the steps.

How do I get started with JOOX?

Find out how to get started with the JOOX music app here.