Free JOOX Music Player

The free JOOX music streaming app lets you download and stream millions of songs, playlists, karaoke.

Listen to the latest South African and international songs for free with the JOOX Music Player.

Do you love music? Listen to millions of songs for free without the need to download an app with the JOOX Music Player. Personalise how you enjoy music by creating and sharing playlists. Download songs for offline listening to save mobile data. Have fun with karaoke and share your songs with friends.

JOOX Music Player Subscriptions

Get the JOOX Family Plan for only R69.99 per month.

  • Listen to ad-free music and enjoy every other JOOX VIP benefit for 3 family members.
  • Find out more about the Family Plan subscription, which is exclusive to the JOOX Music Player.

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More about the JOOX music player

  • Download songs to listen to them offline.

  • Discover new music in our popular playlists.

  • Listen to music your way. Create music playlists.

  • Sing along to songs with JOOX Karaoke.

  • Follow your favourite artists and don’t miss their latest songs as they drop.

  • Personalise your music player experience with custom themes.

  • Comment on playlists to let us know your thoughts.

  • The music player is available on mobile and desktop devices.¬†

Why try the JOOX Music Player?

  • Get a 20% discount on VIP subscriptions¬†only on the JOOX Desktop.

  • Listen to all of your favourite songs, the latest hits and millions of other songs.

  • It works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Do you already use the JOOX Music App? Login and Play your saved playlists and albums on the JOOX Desktop Player.

  • Do you love listening to music while you are on your computer? Browse songs, playlists and play music from your favourites artists on web or mobile.

A desktop, laptop and cell phone devices are displayed that use the JOOX Music Player and JOOX Music App respectively.