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The free JOOX music streaming app lets you download and stream millions of songs, playlists, karaoke.

All the latest local and international songs you want in one free music app.

Access all your favourite music. Create and share your playlists. Save mobile data. Download music to listen to it offline. Sing karaoke and share your songs.

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JOOX Music App Subscriptions

Free Subscription

  • 14-day free trial of VIP subscription.

  • Unlimited streaming (on WiFi or Data).

  • Listen to editor playlists.

  • Create and share your own playlists.

  • Customise your music app with themes.

  • Comment on albums and playlists.

  • Sing along to your favourites with JOOX Karaoke.

Experience the best songs from South Africa and from around the world at your fingertips with the JOOX music streaming app.

1 Week VIP Subscription R29.99

Everything in Free +

  • Play on demand for 1 week.

  • Downloads and offline play for 1 week.

  • No audio ads for 1 week.

  • Hi-Fi quality for 1 week.

1 Month VIP Subscription R59.99

Everything in Free +

  • Play on demand for 1 month.

  • Downloads and offline play for 1 month.

  • No audio ads for 1 month.

  • Hi-Fi quality for 1 month.

Monthly VIP Subscription R49.95

Everything in Free +

  • Get your first 3 months of VIP for free*.

    *T’s & C’s apply: Monthly subscription fee applies in 4th month. Open only to first-time users of JOOX VIP.

  • Only R49.95 per month.

  • Play on demand.

  • Unlimited downloads and offline play.

  • No audio ads.

  • Hi-Fi quality.

  • Billed monthly – cancel at any time.

More about JOOX

  • Browse all our popular playlists.
  • Create your own playlists.
  • Download your music and save your mobile data listening offline.

  • Sing along to your favourites using JOOX Karaoke.

  • Follow your favourite artists and get their latest music as it drops.

  • Customize your app with custom themes.

  • Share your thoughts with us by commenting on the best albums playlists.

  • Available for Android and iOS devices.