JOOX reviews AKA’s songs and albums

AKA brings a sense of grandeur to the South African hip-hop scene with his diamond-selling and platinum-selling songs. Felicity Mdhluli, JOOX’s expert Senior Content Manager, explores AKA’s songs and albums. Felicity reveals fascinating insights as she reviews Supa Mega’s music.


What is AKA like in person?

“I’ve come across him a few times in person. AKA is a great person. The hip-hop artist is a very chilled, cool guy. AKA is highly professional when it comes to interviews, media and business.”


What do you think of AKA’s ‘Touch My Blood’ album?

“AKA’s ‘Touch My Blood’ album was a substantial project (listen now). I love the songs on the record. It has some key singles in there, which includes the ‘Fela in Versace’ song that did exceptionally well (listen now).

“I also love that AKA got his fans involved with the album. It is cool that Supa Mega got fans to design the artwork for the cover.”


What is your favourite AKA album?

“AKA’s debut studio album ‘Altar Ego’ is my favourite album (listen now).”


What is your favourite AKA song?

“My favourite AKA song is ‘The World Is Yours’ (listen now). It is a chilled track. AKA expresses a sense of flamboyance well. The rapper will make you feel like buying the most expensive bottle of champagne, being on a yacht, and celebrating to his music. AKA makes opulent songs. For me, ‘The World Is Yours’ is such a song.

“That being said, AKA’s remix of Rick Ross’s ‘B.M.F’ song is my all-time favourite song if I go way back in time.”


What do you see AKA doing in 5 years?

“The rapper has a never-say-die attitude. AKA started in a music group called ‘Entity’ when he was in high school. They rapped and made cool music. The group then split up. AKA has achieved massive success through his solo career to date. He has accomplished many career milestones in a short space of time. AKA is inspirational. 

“Supa Mega will probably perform international tours. AKA collaborates with the right type of artists. The talented artist’s career is developing in the right space. I see him winning several international awards as well. Just like Cassper, he also has endorsements. AKA will continue to be involved in significant projects and put his name to different projects, products and brands. So, I see the hip-hop artist growing his empire in the future.”


 Which one of AKA’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“When it comes to AKA there is a favourite song every year. The rapper’s collaboration with Anatii is loved by many South Africans, especially ‘The Saga’ song. AKA’s ‘Don’t Forget To Pray’ song is another favourite. 

“The hip-hop artist’s ‘All Eyes On Me’ song featuring Grammy-nominated Burna Boy was popular amongst South Africans as well. AKA’s ‘Fela in Versace’ song was a huge hit. His ‘Caiphus Song’ and ‘Congratulate’ songs are also favourites. AKA’s songs have longevity.” 


What do you think about AKA teaming up with Reebok Classic Sneaker to create his sneakers?

“It’s a cool collaboration. I like the sneaker’s design. It shows that brands see that there is value in collaborating with South African artists. 

“We need to see more of this type of collaboration between brands and local artists. Audiences will relate more to South African artists than international artists, which more brands need to realise.”


AKA is a diamond-selling and platinum-selling hip-hop artist. Why do you think fans love AKA’s music?

“AKA’s music is relatable. It’s also the aspirational factor that’s associated with him. Supa Mega has often had an aspirational message in his songs. AKA comes across as cool and confident with an opulent lifestyle in some of his music videos.”


What new AKA song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be any artist in the world?

“I would love to see AKA on a song with a female rapper like Iggy Azalea. Lyrics-wise, both artists are similar. AKA would lend himself well to a track with Iggy because she also has that sexy factor about her. The song and music video would be impressive.

“The ‘World Is Yours’ song is an interesting sample. With that in mind, another AKA collaboration I’d love to see would be with DJ Kaytranada.”

AKA raises his hands to clap before he discusses his lates songs and album.

AKA (@akaworldwide) is active on social media. Do you think his social media presence has helped his rise to stardom?

“It’s kept him in the public eye. AKA is highly aware of what he does on social media. The rapper understands how to play the publicity game. AKA uses his social media accounts to define and control his narrative, which he does well.”


AKA’s ‘Fela in Versace’ music video has been watched over 5.6 million times online. What do you think has made this music video this popular with his fans?

“There are several reasons for the songs’ and videos’ success. AKA’s song pays homage to Fela Kuti. Fela is one of the most successful African artists. 

“AKA collaborated with Kiddominant, who is a top producer and artist from Nigeria. Kiddominant is responsible for some of the biggest tracks to come out over recent year from artists like Davido. He also has credits on one of Beyonce’s songs. 

“It is an incredible song, which reflected African pride and the coming together of two nations.” 


Which AKA song did you last stream on the JOOX music player or JOOX music app? 

“The last AKA song that I streamed was his latest track ‘Main Ou’s’ featuring YoungsterCPT (Listen now). I saw YoungsterCPT’s fantastic performance at the Rocking The Daisies music festival. So, I wanted to find out what their collaboration would sound like.”

Check back soon for Felicity’s next music review. It could be another one of your favourite artists or bands.


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