Do you love AKA’s songs? Find out how he reinvents himself in 2019

Do you love AKA’s songs? Are you a big fan of his music? How do hip-hop artists like AKA reinvent their future songs and themselves to stay on top of their game in 2019? We interviewed AKA to find out. The JOOX team had a chat with AKA leading up to his recent ‘AKA Orchestra on the Square’ one-night-only 2019 concert. Supa Mega opened up about creativity, his fans and how music streaming apps have changed the music industry. Read on to discover more about your favourite hip-hop artist.


How important is it for hip-hop artists to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to their songs and live performances in 2019?

“I think it really depends on what type of hip-hop artist you are and what type of artist you are. I think all of the great artists and the legends push themselves out of their own comfort zones and try to do something hype.

“I specifically would like to think of myself as somebody that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Creativity is a gift that if you are given [it] you have to treat it with respect and treat it with what it deserves. It’s a sense of grandiose, imagination, a sense of reinvention of yourself and your music. My music is myself. 

“So, you know, I’m doing this [AKA Orchestra on the Square] because I like new challenges and I like to give the fans new experiences. I think it’s going to be amazing on Sunday. My fans get to go on a journey with me and my music, and I can’t wait to hit the stage.


You’ve become more familiar with these orchestral instruments now. So, if you had to think of one particular instrument in the orchestra that exemplifies your personality, which one do you think it would be?

“I would be a trumpet. I would be blowing my own trumpet.”


We’ve noticed that you bring your fans into your creative output. Before it was for the design for your ‘Touch My Blood’ album, and now you have asked them for an alias for your next output. Why are you involving fans in the way?

“Well, it’s basically like customer service. I believe that the fans are like the customers. They are consumers of the music. They are the ones that buy the tickets and buy the albums. They are the ones that make them [songs] shine. They are the ones that call into the radio stations. 

“So, if at any point you could bring your consumer or customer along for the ride you should. But it is more than that. We aren’t selling hamburgers. We are selling music. We are selling a sort of sense of spirit, an identity, and a feeling that you can’t quantify. So, for all those reasons I always try to involve my fans in what I do. 

“Obviously to a certain extent fans don’t always know what they want. Like Steve Jobs, I watched the movie the other day. He said that people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. So, it’s a bit of both. I like to surprise my fans and sometimes I like to involve them.”


What do you think music streaming has done for you and the music industry as a whole?

“I think it has opened up the industry. It’s given the industry a new sense of longevity, a new lease on life. Music and technology are always at a crossroad, one affects the other. Streaming has probably elongated the life of the recording industry by like twenty years. CD sales were going one way, and streaming came and revitalised the whole industry. 

“It also gives more access to the fans. They don’t necessarily have to buy the whole album. They can stream the songs they want or stream the albums that they want. I think it’s a bit more affordable for fans. So, I think that is awesome.

“Streaming is very important right now because it’s the next frontier in terms of the development of the development of the music industry and technology.”

The JOOX team loves music as much as you do and love to bring you closer to the music you love. We look forward to catching up with AKA again. What he had to say was inspiring and he didn’t disappoint his fans at the ‘AKA Orchestra on the Square’ concert. Why not stream or download his chart-topping songs if you couldn’t you make it to the performance? 


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