JOOX reviews Cassper Nyovest’s songs and albums

Award-winning artist Cassper Nyovest’s songs need no introduction to South African’s and fans from all corners of the globe. Felicity Mdhluli, JOOX’s expert Senior Content Manager, shared her entertaining thoughts around Cassper Nyovest’s songs, albums, #FillUp and the ‘South African Dream’. 


What stands out for you when you think of Cassper Nyovest?

“When I think of Cassper Nyovest, besides him retiring his ponytail, is his ambition. Cassper has an inspirational come-up story. He was a young kid from the ‘hood who was able to make it.  

“Cassper was a dancer who won the Jika Majika TV show’s competition, to working with rapper HHP, to then having a smash hit of his own and finally to become one of South Africa’s top hip-hop artists. We always hear of the ‘American Dream’ and rags to riches stories. Cassper lives the ‘South African Dream’. 

“Cassper is also accessible and relatable to his fans. He parties and dances to the same music that his fans party to when he goes out. The hip-hop artist talks to his fans on social media.” 


What do you think of Cassper Nyovest’s ‘Sweet and Short’ album?

“It’s a good album. Cassper’s fans truly enjoyed the ‘Sweet and Short’ album.” 


What is your favourite Cassper Nyovest album?

“It has to be between Cassper’s ‘Tsholofelo’ album and ‘Refiloe’ album. I love his emotive songs that are rooted in real stories and conversations. There are generally-speaking two camps that support either of those albums more than the other. Both of those Cassper Nyovest albums were excellent.” 


What do you see Cassper Nyovest doing in 5 years?

“Cassper Nyovest has already ventured quite far into becoming a business mogul. Cassper has many endorsements. The popular hip-hop artist also has his ‘Fill-Up’ brand, Cassper recently tweeted, ‘Trying to go for SA hip hop’s first billionaire. Dreaming big!’ So, he has ambitious plans for the next few years. So, we can expect much more from him over the next five years.”


What is your favourite Cassper Nyovest song?

 “My favourite Cassper Nyovest song has to be ‘Phumakim’. Cassper’s ‘Phumakim’ song does something for me. I was studying at university at the time so that it could be a case of nostalgia. Also, I love the beat of the track. ‘Phumakim’ is most definitely my favourite Cassper Nyovest song. I love that track.”


Which one of Cassper Nyovest songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“There may be several songs that are all of South Africa’s favourite Cassper Nyovest songs. The hip-hop artist’s ‘Doc Shebeleza’ song stands out for me. Everyone stopped and took notice of Cassper Nyovest’s talent as the ‘Doc Shebeleza’ song arguably kicked-off his career on its current trajectory. 

“The song pays tribute to a legendary kwaito artist from the ’90s. Cassper created a hip-hop track that honoured somebody who was a prominent kwaito artist. Interestingly, around that time, he was not the only hip-hop artist to release a song that was a tribute to artists or figures from the ’90s.”

“The other song that I think South African’s loves is Cassper’s ‘Destiny’ song. ‘Destiny’ features Goapele. The music video was exceptional, which told the story of love. Cassper Nyovest’s song samples Malaika’s ‘Destiny’ song, which makes it unique. Malaika’s ‘Destiny’ track was also a hit in South Africa when it was released. He took an upbeat song and slowed it down and turned it into a beautiful love story.”

Cassper Nyovest leans against a railing before he chats about his songs and albums.

Why do you think fans love Cassper Nyovest’s music?

“Cassper Nyovest is relatable to his fans. People love him and love to see him succeed. They love his hustle, his ventures outside of music. It’s not just because of his music.  

“Nevertheless, he makes songs that you can easily sing along to, and chant to, and rap to as well. Cassper’s songs are also fun to dance to when you are out enjoying yourself. His songs have strong beats.”


What new Cassper Nyovest song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be any artist in the world?

“Cassper is such an exceptional standout artist. So, instead of traditional collaborations. I’d like to see him on track with artists outside of hip-hop. I would love to hear what Cassper could bring to a dancehall song with Sean Paul or a dubstep song with Skrillex.”  


Cassper has filled up many stadiums for his concerts including the Ticketpro Dome. How do you think he has managed to pull such big crowds to his live performances?

“Cassper positioned it as history in the making. It would be the first time that a South African hip-hop artist would fill the Ticketpro Dome to its full capacity for a concert. Cassper asked his fans to help him break that record not just for him but for South Africa. It was a national call for supporting South African hip-hop artists. Afterwards, ‘fill-up’ became a hashtag for future live performances, and fans would continue to show their support and fill-up concerts at other stadiums.”


What do you think of Cassper Nyovest’s ‘Move for Me’ music video?

“I love the video. It’s a relaxed music video. Cassper got an international model/personality for the video. The video was shot in a beautiful location with exceptional shots of the mountains. The video was also a culmination of his physical fitness journey. Cassper shows us his toned physique in a similar way to D’Angelo’s ‘How does it feel’ music video.”


Which Cassper Nyovest song did you last stream on the JOOX music player? 

“The last Cassper Nyovest song I streamed was ‘Move for Me’ (Listen now). I more recently streamed DJ Sumbody’s ‘Monate Mpolaye’ song that features Cassper, Thebe and Vettis (Listen now).”

Keep an eye out for Felicity’s next review, which will be out soon.


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