Discover the Free JOOX Music Player & Music App

JOOX brings music lovers millions of songs for you to listen to no matter what your lifestyle demands. The JOOX Music Player and JOOX Music App give every South African the best of both worlds, the advantages of a web player and a mobile app so that you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

It’s early morning, and you’re leaving the office. The JOOX Music App is your companion of choice to make your daily commute that much more enjoyable. Put in your earphones and be transported into a world of your choosing.

Do you want to switch from the JOOX Music App to using the JOOX Music Player? No problem. You can log into the music player, and all of your saved playlists, albums from your app’s profile will be there. The JOOX Music Player on your desktop could save the day while you’re at the office when your cell phone battery is about to die, and you forgot your charger at home. With all of the music you want to listen to on your desktop, there’s no need to keep reaching for your phone to discover more songs. You can keep your eyes on your computer, work hard and let the music put a smile on your face too. Are you new to JOOX? Sign up to a ‘JOOX Desktop’ or the JOOX Music Player for desktop computers and get a 20% discount on a VIP subscription. 

The JOOX Music App brings you exclusive benefits like watching live performances of your favourite artists, perfect for experiencing music on another level during the lockdown with a VIP subscription. Why not do the same? You can share your live performances with the world with the app. The JOOX Music App also empowers musicians by giving up and coming artists a chance to perform and get paid on JOOX Live Wednesdays at 7 pm. Anyone can go live in-app just sign up here. and start having fun with JOOX Live. 

Get to know your favourite musicians and bands on a more personal level when you watch exclusive interviews on the entertaining TBH (To Be Honest) show.

JOOX has all music lovers covered, no matter what the situation with millions of songs accessible across all of your devices.


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So, why not try the JOOX Music Player now and the JOOX Music App for Android and Apple devices for free.

Try the JOOX Family Plan subscription for only R69.99 per month that’s exclusive to the JOOX Music Player. The JOOX Family plan lets 3 family members listen to ad-free music and experience every other JOOX VIP benefit as well.