Be thrilled by JOOX’s Halloween Playlists

Halloween is not Halloween without enjoying dressing up in funny, crazy or scary-looking costumes and having an awesome party. So, get creative with those crazy party costumes to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween. But what is Halloween without the right music?

Where would Halloween be without the JOOX music app?

Get into the Halloween mood and have an epic party by streaming JOOX’s exclusive music playlists. JOOX has five thrilling Halloween playlists, each with a different theme. These playlists are there to cater for all tastes, getting you into the Halloween mood, and for a next-level party too. If you are looking for classic or popular Halloween songs, then the Zombified playlist is for you.

Zombified playlist: Enjoying classic, popular Halloween-themed tracks

One of the Halloween-themed hits found in the Zombified playlist is the ‘Thriller’ hit song by Michael Jackson. Another track on this playlist is called ‘Disturbia,’ by Rihanna uptempo dance-pop and electro-pop. You’ll be able to listen to the song ‘Zombie’, from rock band The Cranberries in the Zombified playlist.

If you are a fan of hip hop music, then you have to listen to the following extra special Halloween playlist.

Lose yourself in the ‘Freaks for the Weekend’ hip-hop playlist

The most recognisable song in the playlist is ‘Freaky Friday,’ by rapper Lil Dicky. Get freaky, as you listen to the starring vocals of Chris Brown and wonder what Halloween is going to have in store for you this year. The ‘Monster’ track by Kanye West features Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj is also well worth a listen on Halloween. ‘Mambotjie’ is one of the local offerings on the playlist from the South African kwaito music group TKZee. The hit song first appeared in 1993, on their first Platinum album called ‘Halloween.’ Do you love hip-hop? Then you’ll love the Freaks for the Weekend playlist.

If you enjoy popular songs that just happen to be about werewolves, then the next playlist will shake you up.

We have given you something to howl about with this alternative playlist

A track called ‘Howling at the Moon’ is played by the electronic duo Phantogram, and is one of the songs in the Howl playlist. The electronic and electric guitar sound creates an excellent party vibe. ‘Wolves’ is slightly more serious and is much slower when compared to the rest of the songs on this playlist. It’s performed by Kanye West and features Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw. A gripping track, called ‘The Howling Wolf,’ is sung by Lightnin’ Hopkins and should get you and your friends howling this Halloween.

The next playlist is calling you to listen if you’re craving pop music this Halloween.

Enjoy our bloodthirsty pop playlist

The Bloodthirsty playlist will get your heart pumping fast with Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ hit song. Nelly Furtado also impresses listeners with her hit ‘Maneater’ in this playlist. Nelly thinks her ‘Maneater’ track is really in your face, with a loud beat and vocals. We think so too, which makes it perfect for Halloween listening. You’ll also find the track ‘ET’, which features Katy Perry in this playlist. Katy says the song’s lyrics describe falling in love. Who doesn’t want to fall in love, and dance the night away on Halloween?

The unique movie soundtracks in the following Halloween playlist are sure to captivate you.

‘Halloween by the scene’: Enjoy Halloween movie soundtracks

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds made the alternative rock song called ‘Red Right Hand,’ which is a perfect fit for any Halloween party and also this playlist. Another awesome track in this playlist features the rock band, Alice Cooper, with the song ‘School’s Out.’ The more sinister song ‘Living Dead Girl,’ by Rob Zombie, will grip you in our Halloween by the Scene playlist.

Now, what’s stopping you and your friends from getting ready for Halloween with the JOOX music app?

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