Kid X expresses himself in 2019 through his songs

Kid X is no longer an up-and-coming South African hip-hop artist in 2019. He has arrived. Kid X is signed to Kwesta’s Raplyf record label. His debut album, ‘Thanks Da King’ and recent single ‘Mama’ are popular with his ever-growing fanbase in 2019. 

We meet up with Kid X not too long ago to talk about his music, life, and love. The JOOX team was keen to learn more about this heavy-hitting hip-hop artist. Continue reading to get to know more about Kid X.


What can we expect from Kid X in 2019?

“2019 is when Kid X is… I think this is actually when people will meet Kid X because I feel like everything else was me becoming him in terms of my journey in life, I’ve sort of reached a point where I’ve self-actualised.”


Is there anything new to look forward to?

“My brand-new single titled ‘Mama’ I’ve dropped the video for that. So, look out for that.”


Tell us more about your musical journey

“I think my journey has been about finding myself, to be honest. Do you know what I mean? Really getting to the center of who I really am and radiating outward from there, shining my light from that point. With the [Thank Da King] album I just put out, I think that’s what I managed to achieve. I think going forward it really about me radiating my light.”


What was it like being a groomsman at Kwesta’s wedding with the Raplyf brothers?

“Breathtaking, it felt like I was getting married, to be honest. Yeah, dope. [It was] amazing to witness. The love was in the air. Anything you can do to get a bit of that is a good thing.”


Are you planning to get married?

“I’m inspired.”


We had a fantastic time meeting up with Kid X and getting to know more about him and his music. The JOOX team look forward to what he has in store for us for the rest of 2019. Are you a fan or are you curious to find out more about Kid X’s music?


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