JOOX reviews Kurt Darren’s songs and albums

Kurt Darren’s songs are iconic. He has numerous successful albums and countless fans in South Africa and abroad. Discover more about Kurt Darren’s songs and records. Iliska Crossley, one of JOOX’s expert Senior Content Managers, shares fascinating insights into the artist’s music.


What is Kurt Darren like in person?

“I met Kurt earlier this year when JOOX went on the Sokkie Cruise to the Portuguese Islands. The Sokkie Cruise is one of Kurt’s more recent business ventures that allows fans to be on the same ship as some of their favourite artists, hear them perform and dance the night away while enjoying a short break. Kurt is the host of the event and also performs. 

“He is an absolute consummate professional. Kurt Darren knows what his audience likes and enjoys interacting with the fans. Kurt is also not an elitist. He understands that people will either love him or hate him and that his music caters to a particular market. That is part of why Kurt has been so successful.”


Which are your top 5 Kurt Darren albums?

“Kurt Darren has released 24 albums, which is no small feat. He has created several especially outstanding records to date. His ‘Meisie Meisie’ album was his first smash hit in Afrikaans and helped to make him a household name. Kurt’s ‘Uit Die Diepte Van My Hart’ is the album that opens with his iconic ‘Kaptein’ and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The ‘Sê Net Ja!’ album produced two hit songs, ‘Loslappie’ and ‘Hemel Op Tafelberg’. Everyone can sing along to these tracks whether they like the songs or not. Kurt Darren’s ‘Sal Jy Met My Dans’ album shows how his sound kept up with the trend of the time and includes the popular ‘Kaalvoetsokkie’ song.

“I would say that Kurt’s ‘#Partytjiedier’ is his bravest song to date and is the most significant departure from his usual sound, moving towards a more dance EDM sound.” 


Which one of Kurt Darren’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“If you go to festivals around the country, you are almost guaranteed to hear one of these three of Kurt Darren’s songs: ‘Kaptein’, ‘Loslappie’ and ‘Meisie Meisie’. Once you’ve heard one of these songs, you would recognise its melody and perhaps a few of the lyrics. These songs always get the crowd going.”  


What are your thoughts on Kurt Darren’s ”Oh My Soul!” song?

“Interestingly, Kurt Darren started releasing music in English and only moved to Afrikaans on his 5th album. Many of his records after that include English songs so releasing this track in English feels consistent with what he has done before. 

“What is interesting about the song is that Kurt released two remixes of the song first, one by Pascal & Pearce and the other by Jan Bloukaas. These remixed songs set the tone that he was moving in a new direction and possibly a way to relate to a younger market. The production work on this song is excellent and the risk has paid off.”


Why do you think fans love Kurt Darren’s music?

“Kurt Darren is known as the ‘Captain of Dance Music’. Kurt has been able to build such a strong fan base as he has consistently produced music to which people love to dance and party. What I admire about Kurt is that he always delivers a product that fans love throughout his twenty-plus years in the industry. His music is upbeat and sends out a positive message. Kurt’s music offers an escape from many of life’s many stresses.”

Kurt Darren sits while looking at the floor before he chats about his new songs and albums.

What new Kurt Darren song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be any artist in the world?

“It is exciting that Kurt Darren is moving into the more EDM space through remixes of several of his songs by Pascal & Pearce as well as Jan Bloukaas. These song remixes open up Kurt’s career for more collaborative opportunities in the future. It would be fantastic if Black Coffee could remix one of Kurt Darren’s songs.” 


Why do you think Kurt’s ‘Kaptein (Span Die Seile)’ song still resonates with fans?

“If one would musically analyse hit songs like ‘Kaptein’, you often find that the melody structure falls within a specific small range. Kurt Darren completely hit the mark with this song. It is incredibly catchy that captures listeners attention. The song also follows the natural rhythm of the phrase and contains strong imagery, which made it a powerful pop song.”


Which Kurt Darren song did you last stream on the JOOX music player? 

“The last song I listened to was one of his latest singles ‘Klein Saterdag’ (Listen now). It is a song about Wednesdays being a hump day.” 

We had a fun time chatting with Iliska about Kurt Darren. Look out for her next review.


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