JOOX reviews Kwesta’s songs and albums

Do you love Kwesta’s songs? Perhaps you would like to discover more about this award-winning hip-hop artist? We thought you would enjoy a fresh take on your favourite artists like Kwesta, from Felicity Mdhluli, our passionate and knowledgeable Senior Content Manager.

Felicity had many interesting insights into Kwesta’s songs, albums, the South African hip-hop scene, up-and-coming hip-hop artists.


How do you think Kwesta uses social media from a business perspective?

“Kwesta shares news about collaborations coming up, and albums that are coming up. I think just the general back and forth communication with the fans is probably the smartest thing to do in this sort of instant gratification type of world we are in today.”


What trends do you see playing out in the South African hip-hop/rap industry for the rest of the year and 2020?

“I’ve been looking at this for quite some time now. I think ‘collaborations’ is one of the biggest trends we are going to be seeing in 2020. 

“We’ve had a lot of big collaborations. It’s sort of collaborations form every corner. We have collaborations between vocalists and rappers. We have rappers collaborating with Amapiano artists to create a unique sound. We have hip-hop artists collaborating with other hip-hop artists that have different sounds. We have had them collaborating with pan-African artists, particularly from Nigeria. We also have some international collaborations like other hip-hop acts from the States that collaborate with South African artists. 

“So, I think the whole collaborations trend has always been there but they are emphasizing it a lot now, especially when it crosses certain borders and when it crosses certain genre lines. For example, Tshego and King Monada have a song now called ‘No Ties’, and it is really interesting to have those two worlds coming together when you wouldn’t have imagined it before. So, yeah, I think collaborations, definitely.” 


What do you see Kwesta doing in 5 years’ time?

“Kwesta is the type of artist that gives you what he has at that moment. You don’t necessarily have a view of what the vision might be outside of that, which I think is very smart because it means that he is in control of what his future looks like. We can’t necessarily as fans and as music specialists curate what that path will look like. We all get informed when it is the right time and he is doing the informing of whatever that is.

“So, obviously I think he will be creating a lot more music, winning a lot more awards. He will be doing a lot more collaborations hopefully in the future. But I think the clarity around that is something that he controls, which I think is a very smart move. We can’t dictate to him or nag him on social media, like, ‘Why aren’t you making this move? Why aren’t you making that move?’ That’s because he is in control of that narrative, and we know as far as he lets us know.” 


What is your favourite Kwesta album?

“I think definitely it would be ‘Dakar 2’. Just from a personal perspective, just as a listener, not as someone in the music industry. I kind of liked all the other songs here and there, all the other singles. I kind of never necessarily consumed his music in album form. I was consuming it more the single [song] format. 

“I think with Dakar 2, as a project, there was just so much hype around it and so much expectation. Particularly, because it was like a continuation of a thought process, a continuation of a theme that we had. This is because there was the Dakar album that had been released a couple of years before. So, I think for us, the Dakar 2, there was so much anticipation around it, like a pivotal moment in the growth of who Kwesta was, and sort of him reaching further into the fandom that is the South African streaming, downloading community. I love that album.”


Which one of Kwesta’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“100% ‘Ngud’’ [featuring Cassper Nyovest]. That song did things to the nation that I think people hadn’t expected. I think it came at a time when the South African music industry was ripe for new sounds in hip-hop, and open to listening to a lot more than just your key number one-streaming artists. It was like the game was for the taking for anyone. Anyone can be the next biggest artist. Anybody can be the ‘main guy’. 

“I think what he did with ‘Ngud’’ in terms of having like a song that was previously known in the ‘house’ music community as Antena’s ‘Camino Del Sol’ (Joakim Remix)’ song, a classic track in the ‘house’ community. Kwesta slowed down that beat down and using it for a hip-hop song for me is like tying two aspects of the South African music industry and the South African music culture together. 

“You have ‘house’ music which is huge in South Africa now somehow being used and sampled for hip-hop music, and then a hip-hop song that is very South African in its sound by one of the most proudly South African artists. I think that combination worked particularly well and that’s why South Africans took to it so fondly.”


Who do you think will be the next top hip-hop star in South Africa?

“This is a tough one because there are so many things happening in the scene right now and there are so many layers to it. 

“I’m definitely seeing that there is a trend. There is something happening in Pretoria. There is a vibe that I think is unmatched when it comes to hip-hop coming from Pretoria. We are seeing a lot of artists coming from that space that are tapping into the mainstream. They are coming with their own unique sound. 

“It is sort of reminiscent of when ‘motswako’ was the sound. There were these guys that were waiting to blow and everyone was consuming their music. I think all of these artists coming out of Pretoria are young, unafraid, and they are going for everything and coming for everyone. So, whoever it is, they are coming out of Pretoria.”


Why do you think people love Kwesta’s songs?

 “I think people love his music because people love Kwesta. Kwesta is just a genuinely, top guy. He is a really good guy. I think you can feel the essence of who he is through his music. He gives you so much of himself in his music. He is a fantastic performer. He’s amazing when you meet him in person. He is very good with fans. I think they love Kwesta because they can relate to him as a person. He just feels accessible.”


Which new Kwesta song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be with any artist in the world?

“I’m loving what some of these DJ/producer artists are doing now. So, they would have been known for dance or EDM-type sounds but they are tapping into collaborating with hip-hop artists. I’m talking about the likes of Marshmello and DJ Snake. I’m also looking at Mura Masa. He had a really dope song with Desiigner a few years back. It was called ‘All Around the World’. I think hearing Kwesta on a beat similar to that with Mura Masa would be really interesting. Definitely one of those three or all of those three. You could even add a Skrillex in there. I think Kwesta would be able to hold his own.” 


What is your favourite Kwesta music video?

“I’m going to say ‘Khethile Khethile’ just because I like the story behind how that video came about. It was like him documenting the wedding and that then turned into the music video rather than like filming a music video at their wedding. I just think the organic nature of the way the video came about is probably one of my favourite things. He was giving us a piece of his life. Like I said, he is very likable and relatable and I think he extended that into this particular video as well.”


Please give us your thoughts on his ‘Khethile Khethile’ song

“I absolutely love this song. I think I love the messaging around it. He has spoken about his now-wife and then-girlfriend, then-fiancé in his music quite a lot over the years. So, in some ways, we have gotten pieces of her and glimpses of their relationship in his music and having it culminate in a song like ‘Khethile Khethile’ is a really beautiful thing. It was also a beautiful way to honour their relationship with her and the fans. We are almost included in this union through song.”


 Which Kwesta song did you last stream on the JOOX music player? 

“The last song I streamed on the JOOX app is ‘Vur Vai’.”

We enjoyed chatting with Felicity about Kwesta and we look forward to discussing our next artist review with her soon.

Do you still want to discover more about Kwesta? Then, Kwesta’s interview with JOOX is worth a read.

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