Kwesta gets personal about his songs in 2019

Kwesta and his songs are never far from the limelight in 2019. The rapper’s new ‘Khethile Khethile’ song featuring Makwa, Tshego AMG and Thee Legacy, is already in the news. Earlier this month, Kwesta shared on Twitter that the music video for this song had been watched over a million times online.  

We love music and we love bringing fans closer to it. So we love to interview artists. The JOOX team hung out with Kwesta recently to find out more about ‘Khethile Khethile’, his married life, RapLyf record label, and other interesting news. Read on now to get the latest news from Kwesta.


What inspired you to use your wedding footage for the ‘Khethile Khethile’ song’s music video?

“It’s so weird because I’m actually one of the artists that is very private and quiet about my private life. I don’t really put it out there. But I didn’t know there was a music video being shot initially. I knew there was a guy that was shooting pictures and videos [for my wedding] but that was for us to keep, me and my wife, to have and to just look at it in ten years or for whatever reason people shoot videos like that.

“But then K-Zaka from WayWard Films was like, ‘Yo, so, I don’t just want to come to a wedding.’ Because he was invited to the wedding. K-Zaka, was like, ‘I have my camera guy and I just want to follow you around.’ I said, ‘OK, OK, that’s cool. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do.’ He followed me around and all those things. Then about three or four days later after the wedding, he showed me some of the footage he had. He hadn’t even heard the song, right, there was no song yet. Well, there was a song but I only knew about the song. As soon as I saw his footage, I was like, ‘Bro, I’ve got the right song for this. Let’s put this on top of these visuals and then we’ll edit it further.’ That’s how I got into the space for it to be a music video. Initially, it wasn’t like that at all.”


How is married life treating you?

“It’s cool. It’s cool. I enjoy it. It’s like a thing I always wanted to get into, just generally. I’d psyche myself up and I’d psyche her up. Also, another thing that people need to understand is that we’ve been together for nine years, you know, anyway. So, it’s just now that everyone is looking, and everyone is watching and knows kind of thing. So, that’s the new dynamic in our thing, and that everything is done and official but generally the day-to-day is still as awesome as nine years ago.”


Is there anything coming up from RapLyf that you can give us the scoop on?

“A lot is coming out. [Kid] X just dropped a joint called ‘Mamma’. I’m working on my album, [it’s] almost finished. Now I’m almost finished. Also, there is T.L.T, [who] dropped a new joint also called ‘Mai Zuzu’ featuring Thabsie, which is a beautiful joint. Makwa just dropped ‘All Go’ featuring Maraza. So, you know, we are working and dropping music and we are also working on a collective job or release that we are all going to be involved in lyrically, sonically, in every way. It will be like a ‘rap life presents’ kind of thing. I look forward to that.”


How did the ‘Old Town Road’ cover come about?

“That was fun, man. That was fun. I was actually with a guy called Spiro in a club in Pretoria. He’s like, ‘You know this song?’ And I said,  ‘Yeah, I know this song.’ [Spiro then said], ‘Don’t you want to do a cover for this?’ [I then replied], ‘Yeah, invite me.’ He invited me and we did the thing. So, it was really just a fun thing to do. I’m not really trying to say, ‘Yo, check out the new single by Kwesta, it’s the cover of.’ No, we were just having fun. It’s a song I liked. It’s a song that everybody likes. So, we just jammed to it like how everybody else is doing it. It’s one of the biggest songs in the world. So, we just jammed also. I just missed my hat though. I actually had a hat but I forgot it at home. I couldn’t believe it.”


What can we expect from Kwesta in 2019?

“In 2019, Kwesta is really a person that is now content enough to kind of let you in and show your flaws even and really get you in his life, you know. I’m not afraid. I’m not searching to be cool anymore. I want to make music that feels my heart, is dope and can only hope that it connects with people. But I’m not trying to go over myself to please people only to come back to myself.” Kwesta gestured with his hand across his chest, and said, “It goes through here now.”

The JOOX team enjoyed catching up with Kwesta and his music. Like all his fans, we are looking forward to his next album and all the other awesome music from RapLyf as well.


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  • Vur Vai
  • Boom Shaka Laka
  • Do Like I Do
  • Thul’ Ujaive
  • Mayibabo
  • Ngud’
  • K1 GOD
  • Nomayini
  • Pray Hard
  • One Day
  • Day One
  • Buya Kimi
  • Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe
  • Mmino
  • Kokotela
  • Tshek
  • GGG
  • Hood Rich
  • Spirit

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