JOOX reviews Nasty C’s songs and albums

Nasty C is a rapper like no other with talent that you can’t ignore. South Africans’ love for his songs is evident in the JOOX music app with Nasty increasing the stream number daily. 

If streaming his songs isn’t enough for you, get to know more about your favourite artists like Nasty C with JOOX Music Reviews. We had a chat with our insightful Senior Content Manager Felicity Mdhluli about her take on Nasty C’s songs and albums as well as other exciting thoughts.


How do you think Nasty C became the youngest person to ever win an award at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards?

“The theme around Nasty C has always been about being young. When the nation got introduced to him with his ‘Juice Back’ song it was so impactful and so powerful. He was producing his music and shooting his videos. 

“Nasty C’s ability to be professional and give you top-tier music is definitely why we’ve gravitated towards him and why he’s deserving of those awards. Nasty C’s level of professionalism is up there with artists who’ve been in the game for a lot longer than he has.”


How important are collaborations these days when it comes to making popular hip-hop music?

“The history of hip-hop music has always been hybridised. There has always been a collaborative, hybridised aspect to hip-hop. As we have become a more global community and as we have more access to the Internet, we are more open to different sounds from different places. It is not just about the sound in your ‘hood or the sound in your country. It’s about reaching across borders. It is moving across music genres, sub-genres, and styles as well. 

“You have these collaborations with American artists, South African artists, and West-African artists. They are combining Afro beats to their hip-hop. There have also been times when we’ve heard hip-hop with rock music. A fantastic reference for this point would be our ‘Hip-hop Meets Music’ column on the JOOX music app. For example, we have a ‘Hip-hop Meets Church’, where hip-hop has used choirs and church organs. 

“Hip-hop artists now have more access to different sounds, which has expanded this collaboration trend and amplified it to another level.

“Hip-hop artists look at what the trends are, and they change and shift accordingly. For example, Drake is a prolific artist. He could have kept his own uniquely American sound but he saw that something was happening on the African continent that he needed to tap into for his music. Then you have a collaboration with the likes of Wizkid and DJ Maphorisa. They are always on the lookout for what’s the next big thing.”


What is your favourite Nasty C album?

“There are a lot of hits in ‘Strings and Bling’ album. I’m a big fan of the ‘Strings and Bling’ album but ‘Bad Hair Extensions’ was the album that said to me that this kid is here to stay and I’m going to be a fan from now on.”


Which one of Nasty C’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“I’m going to have to give you two songs. The first song, ‘SMA’, featuring Rowlene, has been one of his biggest hits. It’s been number one all over the country in terms of music streaming. It also just showcases another side of Nasty C. I’ve seen him perform it live, and he’s fantastic as is Rowlene.

“One thing we will never forget when we look at Nasty C is when we all heard ‘Juice Back’, ‘Juice Back’ and ‘Juice Back Remix’. He changed the game. That’s when we knew that Nasty C was a force to be reckoned with.”


Who do you think is the next up-and-coming rapper in South Africa that stands out for you at the moment?

“There are a lot of these emerging rappers who we need to look out for now. I think the Big Hash is one of them. He released the album called ‘Young’ earlier this year. A lot of people thought that it was fantastic. YoungsterCPT is another example. He represents a sound from Cape Town.  

“There are other artists who are popular and well-known that are set to carry us to the next phase of what hip-hop music is going to be like in South Africa. We have a lot to look forward to in the future. It could be anyone and come from anywhere.”


Why do you think fans love Nasty C’s music?

“It is top-tier music. The production is fantastic. Nasty C’s writing and lyrical abilities are incredible, and his flow is spot on as well. Nasty C can switch it up. This talented rapper can do an emotional, happy, fun a hardcore rap song or a song that you can twerk to as well. He is very diverse. The collaborations he chooses to do are very smart. There is something for everyone with Nasty C. He has a song for everyone.”


What new Nasty C song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be with any artist in the world?

“It would be interesting to see him collaborate with Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Uzi is just a crazy unique-type character. His music is fantastic. They could complement each other in terms of sound.”


Nasty C’s Fans have watched the ‘SMA’ music video has over 7.8 million times. What is your favourite Nasty C music video?

“I would have to say, ‘Coolest Kid in Africa’. I love that music video, which speaks of collaboration. Davido was in that music video. I just loved how colourful it was. I love that there were dancing, cars and girls in there. He did seem like the coolest kid in Africa.

“Everyone needs to go out and show their support for the ‘SMA’ music video. Let’s get the ‘SMA’ music video to 10 million views! 

“Performing a song well on stage is equally as important as a music video performance for fans. What you see with ‘SMA’ is Nasty C and Rowlene performing the song on stage like they are talking to each other. There’s some level of acting in it. The parts where he is frustrated you can see that frustration. They walk away from each other. They then come closer to each other when they are singing.” 


Please give us your thoughts on his ‘SMA’ song.

“It was well put together. It’s a beautiful song. I got the sense that ‘SMA’ was one of the big singles from the album that they would push when I first heard it. What Rowlene brought to the song is what elevates it to another level. She is a talented vocalist. She added a beautiful touch to the messaging of what that song is about.”


Which Nasty C song did you last stream on the JOOX music player?

“I have two songs, ‘King’ and ‘Jungle’, that I go back and forth on. I listen to those at least once a week.”

We enjoyed hearing about Felicity’s views on Nasty C’s music. Perhaps you agree with her?


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Nasty C ‘Strings and Bling’ album has 17 songs for you to stream or download now.

  • Blisters
  • Strings and Bling
  • Jungle
  • No respect
  • Legendary
  • U Played Yourself
  • King
  • Do U Digg
  • Gravy
  • SMA
  • Another One Down
  • Everything
  • Casanova
  • Mrs Me
  • My Baby
  • Givenchy
  • Jiggy Jigga


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