JOOX reviews Prince Kaybee’s new album and songs

Prince Kaybee is one of South Africa’s favourite DJs and he is just as popular on the JOOX music app. As part of our ‘JOOX Music Reviews’ series, we spoke with Felicity Mdhluli, our Senior Content Manager, about her interview with Prince Kaybee, his songs, music trends, and many other interesting talking points.


You’ve interviewed Prince Kaybee before. Tell us more about the man behind the music?

“I can tell you from having met him that he is so much fun. He walked into the studio and he just immediately greeted everyone. This was a few minutes after he was awarded his platinum plaque. It was such fun, just before the interview, talking to him about soccer. 

“Prince Kaybee is a big Cristiano Ronaldo fan, which I am as well. That was really fun to just talk to him about stuff outside of music. It’s always good to get a ‘sense of artist’ separate from the music. He is a genuine guy. He was absolutely open to any conversation and really fun and bubbly.”


What trends do you see playing out amongst South African DJs and producers for the rest of 2019 and 2020?

“I’ve listened to a few songs that have come out in the last 2 months and I’m noticing that a lot of South African DJs who had a very particular South African house music sound are now actually trying to make their sound a little bit more global. So, they are using a lot more of the pop melodies and a lot of the international dance and EDM melodies, and chord progressions or synths and instruments in their music. 

“I think what they are trying to do is to sort tap into what it is that Black Coffee has done. It is the ability to cross over from South Africa into the European market. So, I think they are going for an international sound that has a hint of South African in it.”


What do you see Prince Kaybee doing in 5 years’ time?

“Prince Kaybee is probably going to embark on a similar journey as Black Coffee. I think the music will sound different. I definitely think he is on that trajectory of conquering global stages.” 

Prince Kaybee leans in front of a piano before his interview about his new album and new songs.

What is your favourite Prince Kaybee album?

“Definitely his latest album, ‘Re Mmino’ because I feel like the songs from this album are literally the soundtrack to all of my smiles. It’s an absolutely fantastic album. It’s well put together. It’s well balanced. The collaborations are absolutely fantastic. There is a story behind every single song. The lyrics behind the songs are so meaningful. I just feel the heart and soul of that album.” 


Which one of Prince Kaybee’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite?

“South Africans are going to debate whether it is ‘Wajellwa’. ‘Charlotte’, or ‘Gugulethu’. I would say currently it is ‘Gugulethu’.”


Who do you think is the next up-and-coming DJ in South Africa that stands out for you at the moment?

“I definitely think there is a lot of stuff happening out of the East Rand, and there is some really dope stuff coming out of Durban.”


Why do you think his fans love his music?

“Prince Kaybee’s songs are so catchy. He makes it so easy for us to jump onto the song. Even the lyrics to all of the music are [social media] hashtags we can use. He uses things that are easily accessible. They have one-word song titles. They are easy to sing. There are very catchy phrases in them. 

“He collaborates with the right type of artists. I mean he’s done stuff with Busiswa. I’ve just recently created a playlist based on female vocals in house music that are ‘chantable’. So, all the times when we are chanting in the clubs and all of that, I put it in one playlist. Prince Kaybee collaborates with artists that give you that essence but also artists that you can sing along to. So, he just makes it really easy to enjoy the music not just from listening to it and dancing to it but actually singing along to it.”   


What new Prince Kaybee song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be any artist in the world?

“I’m keen to see him work with Sio, she is a South African vocalist. She’s absolutely amazing. She is an emerging artist. She has just been featured on a song off of Nadia Nakai’s ‘Naked’ album. She’s a really fantastic vocalist. She has been doing house vocals for quite some time. She has her own unique sound. 

“Another artist I would say is Ami Faku. She is an absolutely amazing vocalist. She is so soulful in her delivery. I think those two artists definitely would give something unique to the Prince Kaybee sound.”


What is your favourite Prince Kaybee music video?

“Let me go with one of my favourites, one that I’ve watched the most is ‘Club Controller’.” 


Please give us your thoughts on his ‘Fetch Your Life’ song.

“So, ‘Fetch Your Life’ has been an interesting song for me. I think the collaboration, how it came about. Msaki was sent the song two years prior to its release. She then ended up doing it two years later. Her deep soulful voice I think is really well-matched to the song.

“One of my favourite things about the song is that I was listening to it as a complete song. Not separating the vocals from the lyrics to the beat. I heard the acoustic version [of the song] and you hear the lyrics to it. So, it’s just Msaki on a mic and just a few instruments behind her, and that song is so beautifully written. The lyrics behind it are so emotive. It’s amazing with house music you can be dancing to it one minute and crying to it the next.”    


Which Prince Kaybee song did you last stream on the JOOX music player?

“100% ‘Gugulethu’. It is one of my favourite songs. I listen to it that song on a daily basis.” 

It was fantastic to chat with Felicity about Prince Kaybee and the South African music industry. Look out for her next music review soon.

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