Rouge is looking for SA’s next hottest hip-hop artist

It’s time to drop your own bars karaoke-style! Things just got lit with JOOX and Rouge. JOOX has  teamed up with Rouge to help find the next CEO queen or king. For those that don’t know her, Rouge is South Africa’s hottest hip-hop artist with everybody’s favourite SAMA-winning hit ‘Dololo’, featuring Big Star.

The only thing left to do is to enter the Rouge X JOOX Karaoke competition and you could feature in Rouge’s official ‘Dololo’ remix! Are you new to karaoke? Then read on because we have you covered.

Drop bars karaoke-style

You have sung along with a few people at a party before, but to drop bars by yourself for everyone to hear is a whole different story. You are not alone if you are new to singing karaoke on your phone. But so what? Life is all about having fun, right? Come on, you could discover a hidden hitmaker inside of you. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

They say the best way to start is to start. Just remember, no one is ever perfect at the start. Give yourself a chance to make your mark in the music world. Listen to Rouge’s ‘Dololo’ on the JOOX music app as many times as you like, until your inner CEO comes out to greet the world?

There are a few things to think of before you get started. When you record your bars on your phone, make sure that you are in a quiet room, use earphones and make sure that your mouth is not too close or too far from your phone’s microphone (the part of the phone that you talk to during calls). Also, make sure your phone’s battery is up for the challenge, and that you are either connected to Wi-Fi or have mobile data.

Become a CEO queen or king

If you haven’t already heard, it’s really easy and fun to enter the Rouge X JOOX Karaoke competition. You need to download and open the JOOX music app on your phone if you haven’t already. Now it’s time to drop your bars to the chorus of ‘Dololo’ while using the karaoke feature on the app. Don’t forget to save your music track, and share it on social media. Remember to tag your track with @JOOXSouthAfrica before you share it on your favourite social media so that Rouge and your friends can find and listen to it. And you never know – you could be the next CEO, at the start of a hot career in music, and part of Rouge’s lit remix!

What else?

Sometimes it’s time to just chill and listen to music. Enjoy the hottest songs from Mzansi and the rest of the world. The JOOX music app makes it easy for you too, with popular playlists of all of your favourite tracks. You can also download your songs for offline listening to save mobile data with JOOX VIP. Whatever you feel like, JOOX has got something for all music lovers.