JOOX reviews Sun-El Musician’s songs and albums

Sun-El Musician is one of South Africa’s top award-winning DJs and producers. His songs have garnered him many prestigious awards and fans.

We sat down with Felicity Mdhluli, our knowledgeable Senior Content Manager to review Sun-El Musician’s songs. Enjoy her entertaining thoughts about Sun-El Musician’s music.


What do you think it is about his ‘Akanamali’ song that won him three awards at the 24th South African Music Awards last year?

“It was a unique sound. When the ‘Akanamali’ song came out, it was one of those songs where you would hear it playing in the background and take notice. It was unexpected. The song came out at a time when we were all anticipating future gqom and house music. 

“The ‘Akanamali’ song was unexpected. The song is calm and chilled but also mid-tempo. You can vibe to the song. People jumped onto the song because it spoke to a very South African homegrown sound. The vocals on the song are incredible. There was also an innocence to it that Samthing Soweto brought to it in terms of the vocals. The song was topical. We all know, as South Africans, being broke at some time and how it affects relationships.”


What do you think of his recent collaboration with Ami Faku for his ‘Into Ingawe’ song?

“I love that song. Ami Faku is one of the artists that we need to look out for now. I’m excited about how her career is going to develop going forward. She can sing pop; she has pop songs. Ami has house songs and afro-soul songs. Ami has such a unique vocal approach to her music. At the hear of it she is just that, a talented singer. Collaborating with someone like Sun-El Musician, who has an understanding of how to treat vocals, which makes this song work so well.”


What do you see Sun-El Musician doing in 5 years?

“Sun-El Musician has got ‘Sun-El World’, which is his record company. I’m anticipating that he will sign more artists to his label. He will also have hit after hit. Sun-El Musician has been in the music industry for quite some time. People knew his name and got to know his face through the ‘Akanamali’ song, but he had been working with famous artists like Vusi and on big hits. I also see him collaborating once more with popular artists in the future.” 


What is your favourite Sun-El Musician song, and why?

“It is one hundred percent his ‘Sonini’ song. That song is so beautiful. The meaning behind the song is special. Like I said before, Sun El’s ability to treat vocals on his songs is amazing. Sun-El Musician chooses artists that he knows he can work with well. He has a particular way that he creates his music. Sun-El Musician won’t just use any vocalist. He chooses them quite specifically. Sun-El chooses vocalists that have a beautiful, soft tone to their vocals. ‘Sonini’ is pure in its delivery.”


 Which one of Sun-El Musician’s songs do you think is South Africa’s favourite, and why?

“I’m going to say ‘Sonini’ because every time that song plays, people say they love the song. Sun-El Musician’s ‘Africa to the World’ album came out last year, which was his debut album. He has been working with individual artists and putting out individual songs before that album. 

“Sun-El Musician’s ‘Africa to the World’ album was the first chance we got to see him in one project. ‘Sonini’ just stood out from the beginning as one of those tracks that South Africans love. It is one of those songs that will always be popular. This track will also bring with it some nostalgia. The song is so emotive that you attach a memory to it.”


Who is an up-and-coming DJ at the moment in South Africa?

“I’m looking forward to seeing DBN Gogo will do in the future. She is proud, her image is amazing, and she is so colourful as a person. I’ve seen clips of her on social media. DBN Gogo is fun and engaging as well.”


 Why do you think fans love Sun-El Musician’s music?

“Sun-El Musician knows what he is doing. He knows how to talk to the South African audience through music. Sun-El understands what we are looking for when we want a uniquely African emotive house sound. The DJ can create emotive house music that you can dance to as well.”  


What new Sun-El Musician song collaboration would you like to see in the future if it could be any artist in the world?

“I would like to see him create a song with Sauti Sol. Sauti Sol is a Kenyan band, which have collaborated with Mi Casa before. They are fantastic, especially during their live performances. 

“I’d like to see Sun El Musician collaborate with another artist, Brymo, as well.”


 What do you think it about his distinctive sound that made ‘Akanamali’ such a hit with South African’s who aren’t first-language Zulu speakers?

“The ‘Akanamali’ song has got a smooth flow to it. There is a specific laid-back type of sound that we love as South Africans. You’ll notice this relaxed theme across several music genres like house, pop-rock, and indie bands. Another example is Beatenburg’s music. It’s that easy-going sound that we like that we can listen to at the beach or while you are road-tripping. 

“So, the ‘Akanamali’ song is loved by many even if you can’t understand it because of the easy-going feel to it. The vocals in this song are top-tier. That base line did something beautiful to that song as well.” 


Which Sun-El Musician song did you last stream on the JOOX music player?

“The ‘Akanamli’ song was my most listened to song on JOOX overall for a good portion of 207 and 2018. Now, my favourite song is ‘Sonini’. I love that song.”

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  • ‘Akanimali’, featuring Samthing Soweto.

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  • ‘Into Ingawe’, featuring Ami Faku.

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  • ‘Sonini’, featuring Simmy and Lelo Kamau.

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