Get romantic with JOOX’s Valentine’s Day playlists


JOOX is the music app that celebrates life – and with that comes love and relationships. Set the mood this Valentine’s day and for the whole weekend leading up to the most romantic day of the year. Are you single or in love? Either way, we have you covered with your favourite love-inspired songs in a variety of music playlists for you to enjoy.

We’ve got the perfect songs to enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner at home or for you to take it easy with friends. The JOOX team has created exclusive Valentine’s day playlists available on the JOOX Music app from 12 February to 15 February in the ‘Discover’ section.


Get into the Valentine’s weekend vibe with these playlists

The ‘wRAPped In Love’ playlist is for you if you love songs like Tyga’s ‘For The Road’, Wale’s ‘Bad’ and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Love’. 

Maybe you are looking to spice up your evening with your significant other? We’ve got you covered with two playlists for just that. Set the mood with the ‘Candlelight, Love and Music’ playlist, followed by the ‘Bedroom Shandis’ playlist includes love-inspired songs like Marques Houston’s ‘Naked’ and Rick Ross’ ‘Entanglements’. 

Make the most of this special, romantic weekend with JOOX on the JOOX music app or the JOOX music player. 


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