Getting started on JOOX

How do I play tracks, albums or playlists?

On the Discover page of the JOOX music app, you can find your favourite songs, albums, or playlists. Simply enter the name of the track, artist, album or playlist in the search field and select what you were looking for from the search results.

How do I create my own playlist?

There are two ways to create a playlist on JOOX. On the My Music page, scroll down to My Playlists and tap on the 3 dots to get the New Playlist option to start a playlist.

You can also simply tap the star at the bottom of the screen while listening to a song (on the play view), and it will give you the option to start a New Playlist or to add the song to any of your existing playlists.

As a VIP user, you will always have the option to create and set your playlists to public or private, change the cover image of the playlist, and add, delete and reorder all tracks on your playlists.

How do I download music on JOOX?

Download all your favourite tracks to listen offline. You can do this with JOOX VIP.

  • Simply connect to WiFi or mobile data, find your favourite album, chart or playlist and tap download to save.
  • Pull down phone menu and switch on offline mode – stay on this playlist.
  • Now you can listen even when all your connections are switched off.

To find all the music you can play offline, go to your profile and tap on Offline Songs

What is JOOX Karaoke?

Unleash your inner Diva or Trap star with karaoke on JOOX. If you listen to a song that has lyrics added, you can karaoke it.

  • Play your favourite song and check if it has lyrics.
  • Tap the 3 dots and select karaoke – once you’re ready, just tap sing.
  • Pause, re-do, customise keys – with JOOX you have your own mixing desk!
  • Once your masterpiece is ready, save it and share it with your friends.

Sing your best version of you, with JOOX Karaoke.