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Get JOOX Free Music Downloads & Streaming on 5 phones with just one DStv account.

Someone in your family with a DStv account has chosen for you to have your own VIP subscription on JOOX.

Activate your free VIP family subscription today:

  • Download JOOX from the button above
  • Sign Up with Facebook or Email
  • Tap on the top DStv VIP banner
  • Select Family Member and follow the steps
1 DStv account* = Free Music Streaming on 5 Phones with JOOX VIP.
*Compact, Compact Plus and Premium DStv account qualify for this offer.

JOOX VIP offers access to exclusive benefits, like:

  • Unlimited number of skips through tracks
  • Ad-free listening – no interruptions
  • Download your music and then listen without a data or wifi connection
  • Create your own playlists
  • High-quality streaming and HiFi sound quality
  • Play on demand – any artist, any song, anytime, anywhere
DStv main account members who add more family members before 24 February qualify for a prize draw. We have 5 x R1000 shopping vouchers up for grabs. Details here:
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